National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

CSR Initiatives

  • Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)
    International Nathia Gali Summer College
    Commission is organizing International Nathia Gali Summer College every year since 1976. The idea of holding these Colleges came from the distinguished Nobel Laureate, Professor Abdus Salam who emphasized the vital need of communication, as well as for transferring and sharing scientific knowledge among the scientific community. The primary aim of the College is to break the isolation of the scientists of the developing countries by enabling them to interact with an international faculty.
    P.A.E.C. Model College
    Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Model College (PAECMC) is established in Nilore to cater the needs of education of children of employees as well as local community.
    P.A.E.C. Model Schools
    PAEC has established various model schools in the province of Punjab to fulfill the educational needs of children of PAEC employees and local communities.
    PAEC Foundation
    PAEC Foundation is working on the community development by need assessment analysis, planning and implementing the new CSR projects in the areas of educational development.