National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

CSR Initiatives

  • Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
    Schools & Colleges
  • 01-Post Graduate College
    1. 03-Inter Colleges
    2. LRBT Trust
    3. 15-High Schools
    4. 01-Primary School
    Highest Student Enrollment<
    6,800 students are enrolled in WAPDA Educational Institutes (WEIs)
    Vast Coverage
    Established educational institutes for the communities of less developed areas i.e. Hub, D.I. Khan, Chashma, Barotha, Hattian, Tarbela and Mangla
    Strengthening education system
    Following interventions have been made:
    1. Unified Book List
    2. Uniform Academic & Activity Calendar
    3. Daily Lesson Plan
    4. New Assessment & Evaluation (Examination System)
    5. Continuous Professional Development Program
    6. In House Training Policy
    7. International Community Policy
    8. Project Based Learning
    9. Rationalization Policy
    10. Placement of Coordinators
    11. National Level Competition Program
    12. Staff Performance Evaluation System
    13. Revision of Induction Criteria of Teaching Staff
    14. Integration of ICT in Curriculum
    15. Online Activities during Covid-19
    Co-curricular activities of students
    1. Arranging Cricket Tournament
    2. Student Ambassador Program
    3. Student Internship Program
    4. National Harmony through Sports
    5. Student Visit of WAPDA Projects Organizing School Trips of project areas and power stations for the proper insight of WAPDA projects being established.
    Trainings in WAPDA
    Following Training Centers are established by WAPDA for training of its Officers, Staff and other institutes:
    1. Wapda Administrative Staff College, Islamabad.
    2. Wapda Engineering Academy, Faisalabad.
    3. Hydel Training Center Mangla.