National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

CSR Initiatives

  • Pakistan Water and Power Redevelopment Authority (WAPDA)
    WAPDA has established 06-WAPDA Hospital Complex in the province of Punjab providing major health facilities to the employees of WAPDA as well as catering the medical needs of local communities.
    Fortified Dispensaries
    08-Fortified dispensaries are established in the province of Punjab providing moderate level health facilities to the local communities.
    Basic Dispensaries
    09-Basic Health Dispensaries are available in the province of Punjab established by WAPDA. These dispensaries are providing First Aid Medical Facilities to the locals.
    Dental Units
    05-Dental Units are established to improve the levels of oral hygiene of the community. These are well equipped dental units where qualified dentists are deployed for provision of quality services.
    Medical Laboratories
    Well equipped medical laboratories are established in WAPDA Hospital complex located in Punjab. These labs are providing necessary radiology and diagnosis services to the locals.