NEPRA Data Exchange Portal:-Guidelines

  1. Registration: The Licensee's nominated focal person is required to be registered by filling the Register form, link available on top navigation bar.The Registration is one time process.
  2. Login: After successful registration , the focal person can Login in the system by using its registered e-mail address via link available on top navigation bar.
  3. The Licensee's focal person is required to submit the data pertaining to Key Performance Indictaors (KPIs) of its generation facilities through NEPRA Data Exchange Portal on daily basis before 12:00 p.m .
  4. The Licensee's focal person is responsible for correctness of the submitted data. In case of incorrect data and/or concealment of fact. he/she will be liable for penal action under the relevant laws.
  5. In case of any query regarding NEPRA data exchage portal, please contact Mr. Junaid Ahmed, DD(M&E) at 0300-0601769 or


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